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I simply want to share, my journey with the chair.

Swalaska Blog

Alaska 2014 Advertisements

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Swalaska Premiere

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Santa Monica

I smoked a cigarette with a homosexual while standing on the salty planks of the Santa Monica pier. Mine was a Marb…light. His was a Virginia Slim menthol 100. I lit mine with a Scripto. He wore white tennis shoes…I … Continue reading

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Lost Angeles

Maybe he is sitting at his folding card table. The only light passes through a distorted venetian blind from the blinking red neon ‘no vacancy’ sign outside. He brushes Moon pie crumbs off his thick black chest hair. He takes … Continue reading

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Memphis Tennessee 8/18/2013

I didn’t see you yesterday, so I wouldn’t know if you were kissing tiny flowers. I like to think that you were. When I first saw the Mississippi, I saw a dead fish floating in her muddy water. When I … Continue reading

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   While cleaning up the remnants left strewn throughout the otherwise vacant house I once called home, I was posed with a rather interesting question.  The kind that makes one say hmmm before they offer an educated guess or make … Continue reading

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I came across this obscure definition and felt compelled to share/elaborate: Heartworm :n. a relationship or friendship that you can’t get out of your head, which you thought had faded long ago but is still somehow alive and unfinished, like … Continue reading

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Ignore the all too familiar red octagon Blow across the proverbial crossroad Slump your wrist over the steering wheel and listen to the sound of the tires slinging gravel and chipping paint Tip up your sunglasses and watch the dust … Continue reading

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Reed Gold Mine

Winter held it’s breath for two days last weekend. I decided it was a good opportunity to venture out into the warm, golden rays. The only pigment that provided any color to my skin could have been found at my … Continue reading

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Flow With It

It flows beneath me as I lay upon it.. I appear motionless yet I am a mass of vibrating energy. I am a magnet floating upon the river of life absorbing all the positive energy the universe is casting my … Continue reading

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