Bull Pen Falls via Cashiers, NC

What is it about waterfalls that draws us? Sure, they’re nice to look at, kinda dangerous…and they smell good too. Many stories and songs have been written about waterfalls. Lovers consummate, sinners reborn, daredevils become famous and life gets contemplated…  all by the calm pool below the torrent. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker when it comes to waterfalls. Now throw in a bridge by a waterfall and holy shit look out! “A birder-fall, a widger-wall!” Like a little kid seeing the “golden arches,” ya just gotta pull over. There’s what’s called the “Land of the Waterfalls Loop Ride” that passes through Cashiers, where I happened to be. After doing a quick Bing search of the falls in this area, I chose Bull Pen Falls. Not only because I thought the name was cool, it also required driving 5 miles on a winding gravel road to get to…yeah, sounds a little remote. When I crossed the narrow bridge that spanned the river, I parked in one of  two available parking spots. Priding myself for taking the road less traveled, I reached for the door handle when no sooner a parade of suv’s arrived and began lining the roadside. With 12 packs of beer under arm, the twenty-somethings marched past me and down the footpath that led to the falls. Yep, I thought, waterfalls do make for a good place to party.  I watched them for a little while from the bridge as they posed for pictures and laughed and frolicked. I’m sure each and everyone of them will remember that day at the falls for the rest of their lives.


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I simply want to share, my journey with the chair.
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